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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services


Our goal is to help you understand your network infrastructure so that you can develop a strategic plan to address network management, security and disaster recovery.

IT Consulting



Get the best IT consulting advice from an experienced managed service provider for small to mid-sized organizations. We can assist you with expert advice on specific solutions to manage your complete IT infrastructure.

Vision9 takes the time to get to know your organization and how you use your existing IT system. This allows us to make informed recommendations to fit your specific needs.

We will analyze your infrastructure, communications, security practices, applications and more to provide you with a complete project plan to simplify your IT environment, provide business continuity and give you a complete transparent solution for your organization.


Our vCIO Service


Vision9 Inc. provides Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services. Your vCIO provides you with the same results as an in-house CIO, for a fraction of the price. It will help you with your IT budget but will also provide strategic plans to stay up to date with technology despite its constant evolution, and with recommendations as concerns best practices within the industry.

Your vCIO will enable you to understand which technologies will help your business achieve its goals and how to create IT infrastructure that aligns with your organization’s vision.

IT Project Management

Vision9 inc. has managed hundreds of projects for small, medium and large corporations. Vision9 Inc. has the capability to manage successful projects related to any IT space.

Our IT project management service approaches each project by identifying key parameters such as objective, time, scope, budget and quality.

Our clients are kept well informed throughout any project and we provide the daily, weekly or monthly reports as per the client’s requirement. One of the best things about Vision9 Inc. is our transparency with our clients which provides our clients with full control of any project or services.

IT Consulting
Field IT Services

Field IT Services

IT professional. Young network administr

Field IT services are especially beneficial to small organizations without an IT department. Having access to field technicians can be a much more cost-effective solution.

Also, trying to manage different vendors is cumbersome and impacts the performance of the IT and thus of the users and of the company. We provide IT services all over Ontario, within the required Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

Whenever you require assistance, you can count on the support of our experienced technicians.

Remote Support

We understand that time is money. Making sure that your IT solutions are running efficiently at all times is integral to your productivity and success.  Vision9 offers you remote support, which gives you access to our team’s combined expertise.

Network Management

Modern businesses have to be connected constantly. Users need reliable access to their files from anywhere. Managing a network efficiently is a time consuming and challenging task, especially if you are operating from multiple locations. Let us take care of your network so you can invest time in other areas of your business which require your attention. We can provide you the tools and solutions which will increase your efficiency in these areas.


Rack management and Cabling

Vision9 Inc. provides the network cabling and rack installation services to support high-speed data and voice communication networks. Voice and data cabling is responsible for transmitting all types of information throughout the company. These network cables are the backbone of any organization and the installation has to be perfect. You can get the benefit of our years of experience in network cabling and rack installations.

Network Management



Today each and every organization faces increasing pressure when it comes to network security. As businesses are moving online, the task of keeping the network safe and secure is really challenging. Hackers are finding new ways to attack an organization’s network and its sensitive data. Hence, the network security of any organization has to be rock solid.

Increase control of your network with our comprehensive network security analysis and implementation. We will analyze your network, find the security holes and take action to fill them according to your requirements. You can count on us for a solid defence for your organization’s communication network. We are proud to say that our solutions have achieved success in eliminating all security threats faced by our clients.

We provide following solutions.

  • Firewall management

  • Email scanning

  • Antivirus for computers

  • Remote access solutions


  • Web filtering


Backup and Disaster Recovery​


Regardless of the business you are in, protecting your data is mission critical. Human error and hardware failure have always been good reasons to take regular backups. Regular backups and its storage come in handy for any organization during legal battles or audit inquiries. Also business continuity planning and disaster recovery solutions pacify the risks posed by natural disasters or other events which could make the network completely incurable.

Vision9 Inc.’s backup and disaster recovery service provides data backup, replication and offsite backups which ensures that your data is backed up and protected at all times.

Our backup services include:

  • Backup solutions

  • Disaster recovery

  • Online backup

  • Offsite backup

Backup and Disaster Recovey
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