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Trackers - pros and cons of all them (Caroline notes in red - are these right?)

  • We should add what major variables should a client factor in before deciding which tracker to go with? For example (cloudy or sunny, budget. Climate, lifespan needed) 

    • Single Axis 

      • About: Single Degree of flexibility 

      • Pros: Lower Cost, Higher Reliability and Lifespan 

      • Cons: Lower Energy

    • Dual Axis

      • About: Two degree of flexibility 

      • Pros:  flexibility paths, accuracy 

      • Cons: lower Reliability and Lifespan. Mechanical problems 

    • Passive 

      • About: 

      • Pros:

      • Cons:

    • Active

      • About: 

      • Pros:

      • Cons:

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